How I have helped people

“Absolutely love Becci! I was really struggling to keep up with my social media, especially during lockdown. My friend recommended Becci as she does her social media too, and it’s been a dream!

Engagement is up, posts are constant, as are stories, she replies to messages… in a nut shell, she’s been a game changer!

Thank you Becci for all of your help and support with The Hart Space!”

Jenie Scholes

Owner, The Hart Space

“Becci is amazing! She has been supporting my business with social media, for almost two years. Our social media presence has blossomed! Her attention to detail, knowledge and support has been invaluable.

She is an integral part of my team and I tell everyone how brilliant she is.

If you’re a small business needing to up your social media game, Becci is your woman!”

Elisa Congdon

Owner, Baby Bear's Den

“I really enjoyed working with Becci, and definitely noticed an increase in interest for my business including new clients and sign ups.

She seems to pre-empt many of my own ideas and really understands the nature of my business and my clients needs and wants. I’d definitely recommend Becci for anyone looking to grow their business and wanting support with their social media.”

Jess Sawyer

Owner, Conscious Calling

“Working with Becci was an absolute godsend. In the busy world of trying to run a business, be a Mum and excel at both, she was like my fairy godmother who came into my life and gave me a little (a lot) of relief, and helped to organise me.

Becci ran my social media so that I always had a presence – something I always wanted to do, but with spinning so many plates often went overlooked. And in the digital age, you need to be present on social media!

Becci helped me to fill classes, sell online products and deliver information to my clients that would help to benefit them! I am so grateful to Becci, she listened to my needs and ideas, but also had a fresh pair of eyes to help give me new ideas and avenues to explore. Thank you for working with me and helping my business to flourish!”

Jo Ratcliffe

Owner, Bumps 2 Babes Fitness

“Becci was fantastic and exactly what I needed.

She had great ideas for content, that I would never have thought of myself. She’s organised and was really enthusiastic about my business, making it so easy to work with her.

I honestly felt like a massive weight had been lifted.

Her work really takes the social media guilt away and my brain feels clearer.

Thanks Becci, you’re a star!”

Katie Dullaghan

Owner, Happy Teeth

“When Becci managed my social platforms there was a distinct increase in traffic and engagement, with my courses selling out in just over two days (this has never happened before!)

The business element aside, the main benefit for me was the ability to think clearly once again. Managing my social media had become a monumental task which took away from time with my daughter and the ability to work on the bigger picture for my business.

Having someone who organised my strategy, content and engaged with my audience lifted the load considerably.

In addition, Becci has a vast amount of business experience and is therefore able to provide guidance, unbiased advice and direction. If you are a business who is looking to scale up and move to the next level, or you are just at the point where it has all become too much, I would definitely recommend Becci without hesitation.”

Tara Delve

Owner, Music in Unison