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You want to grow your business on social media, but can’t keep up with all the platform changes.

You know there’s a quicker way of doing things – but spending hours on Google looking for answers is just a waste of time.

Sound familiar?

I speak to so many busy business owners just like you, who recognise the power of social media but need a helping hand to get the best out of it.

But I have good news for you – it’s my job to keep up with the constant updates and hunt down the hacks so that you don’t have to!

That means instead of losing hours of your life to trying to keep up, I can share them with you during a dedicated EmPower hour where I’ll answer your questions, unpick your problems and show you how to drive your business forward.

In this blog, I explain what an EmPower hour is, what to expect and whether it’s right for you. Let’s get started…

What is an EmPower hour?

An EmPower hour is pretty much what it says on the tin, it’s an hour of time dedicated to solving your social media problems or answering your questions about a specific platform or feature – during this time we will power up your knowledge of any area of social media that you’re struggling with, and empower you to sort your own socials!

These meetings will focus on your specific needs and are perfect if you have a social media issue that needs solving, or if you have a series of questions that you want answering. Perhaps you’re struggling to come up with post ideas for Facebook, or you want to grow your engagement on Instagram. Maybe you don’t understand how hashtags work or can’t decide which platforms you should focus on.

An EmPower hour with a social media marketing expert like me will give you all the answers you’re looking for, so that you can move forward with confidence. They are the ideal solution if you’re strapped for time, but need a solution to a problem that is holding you back.

How should I prepare for an EmPower hour?

You don’t need to prepare a thing! Music to your ears, right? Before your EmPower hour takes place, I’ll ask you to let me know what you’re struggling with and what you’d like to achieve during our time together.

This is important, because it means I come armed with all the information you need and you know you’ll go away having achieved your goal.

How does it work?

Before our hour together I will send you a short form to fill out, so that I can better understand your problem and get a clear picture of what you’d like to accomplish.

If you have chosen a Zoom meeting, you’ll receive a Zoom link for the session. During the call I’ll share my screen and we’ll look at your platforms. I’ll answer your questions and share my professional insights to make your life on social easier. A recording of the session can also be produced upon request.

If we’re meeting in person, I’ll be in contact to arrange a suitable place to meet, and all you need to do is turn up on the right day and at the right time!

Can’t I find the same information elsewhere for free?

Possibly, yes. But I imagine you’ve already spent a lot of time googling your questions only to end up more confused than before.

There’s a lot of great free social advice available online. The trick is knowing which to follow and which to ignore. The platforms change so quickly these days that what worked six months ago might not work now.

The big question is, do you have hours to spare to sift through endless blogs and YouTube videos?

When you book a session with a social media professional, you can get the answers to your specific questions quickly and easily. You can also ask follow-up questions. You can’t do that with an internet article!

An EmPower hour will save you an enormous amount of time and, as we know, time is money.

What if I need more than an hour?

Depending on your business goals you might need more than one hour. If you need help to create and implement a social strategy for example, rather than say, how to sell using Instagram stories.

If that’s the case you can check out my other Coaching and Strategy services by clicking or tapping here.

How much does it cost?

I charge £125 for an EmPower hour.

My fee is in line with industry standards, but if you shop around you might find a power hour which is cheaper, or more expensive.

Can other people join the call?

Yes of course. If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch and we can discuss a bespoke option that is suitable for you. Please note that three is the maximum number of people who can join an EmPower hour, but I can also offer group training if you have more people who are wanting to learn.

It all sounds great, but can 60 minutes really make an impact?

Let me tell you about Suzanne from Debutots Sefton, who booked a block of EmPower Hours with me, to talk through how to build a following on socials.

Just one EmPower Hour and three weeks later Suzanne has taken her followers from 29 to 174, is starting to fill classes, and is reaching and engaging with so many more accounts with her content!

And it makes me do an actual happy dance to see how much more confident she is in her ability to smash her socials – I can’t wait to see how much more she progresses over the next few weeks and her next two sessions!

So, are you ready to book your EmPower hour and put those annoying social media problems behind you?

Find a date that suits you by tapping here – I can’t wait to help you!

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