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Are you struggling with your social media and finding, like many small business owners, that managing your socials is no easy feat? Are you confused by all the conflicting advice from ‘experts’ out there?

If you are, then believe me you are not alone!

Over the past year I have heard from so many different people in my world, that they just can’t get to grips with their social media.

And, that’s why earlier this year, I worked hard to develop the ‘BOSS Framework’. An easy to follow system, that cuts through the noise, helps you to simplify your content, show up and be heard on your socials, all in a way that suits you.

Now, I get the irony – me, a social media expert, telling you not to listen to other experts, but instead to most certainly listen to me, and learn my framework to help with your socials!

But hear me out…

This framework hasn’t been developed based on one thing that ‘once worked’ for me on my account, ‘one reel that happened to go viral’, or the latest trend online.

It’s based on my own experiences and understanding of running multiple different accounts.

It’s based on my own expertise and running those accounts for long periods of time, for vastly different businesses, with different target audiences living different lifestyles.

It leads from the front, because at its heart, it can be tailored to fit your business, your tone of voice and reach your target audience. You see, I know from my day job, that there’s no one size fits all approach.

Want to know more?

Let me explain why ‘BOSS’ and what it stands for… 

‘B’ is for Boundaries in Place

Setting strong boundaries on social media is something that not enough people talk about. It may get mentioned as part of an awareness day or a side- bar to a wider point But I believe it should be standard advice . .

It’s something that I am passionate about – that’s why it’ss front and centre in the ‘BOSS’ framework!

You see, setting strong boundaries for your social media presence is not a luxury, self-care, buzz-word to put in place when you can.

It’s a strategic necessity that will enable your success as a small business owner, to use social media well when marketing your business.

Here’s the truth bomb – boundaries make you look more professional, not less!

Yep, that’s right.

Sure, replying promptly and courteously to any DMs or comments is fundamental for good customer service, but applying a 24/7 approach to this will likely lead to eventual burnout, and actually can result in an inferior customer experience.

The key is striking the right balance between being available and protecting your own mental health and well-being by doing things like setting work hours and establishing response time expectations.

The good news is that platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn have a ton of features that you can use to help you set strong boundaries – including being able to set time limits, manage notifications, block or mute people, set up auto responses and ‘pin’ key messages for anyone who visits your profile to see first.

The best news is that when you do set these strong boundaries you will enhance your productivity, protect your mental health, and spend more time on your core business activities!

‘O’ is for Optimise for Engagement

One of the things I get asked a lot, and I mean A LOT, is about how to increase engagement.

And I get it, engagement is the lifeblood of social media, without it you feel like you’re just broadcasting. Engagement helps you build a closer relationship with your followers.

It allows you to get under their skin and understand what they want and need from you.

Engagement also sets you aside from other brands who ignore their customers and gets you seen by more people.

But the thing most small business owners forget is that engagement is a two-way activity – which is why it’s important that you optimise your posts, stories and activity on social media with engagement in mind.

There are loads of different ways to do this, but one of the key things to remember is to always include a ‘Call to Action’ on every post.

People aren’t mind readers – so if you want them to do something, you need to tell them!

A ‘Call to Action’ could be a slight nudge to encourage engagement, a direction to do something such as “save this post if you want to come back to it later” or, of course, a direct sales pitch, such as “let me know your thoughts in the comments below”.

You should also be pre-planning your posts, to ensure that some of them are specifically designed to encourage engagement, do this by sharing tips and advice for people to save, using relatable quotes and stories for people to comment on and the golden nugget, creating shareable content.

The algorithm loves engagement, so if you can get this right, you’ll be on to a winner!

The first ‘S’ is for Show Off

More women need to unapologetically show off. The end.

Ok, that’s not the end, but I’m serious – your achievements are worth celebrating, so it’s time to say goodbye to the societal expectations and ingrained gender norms that make us downplay our accomplishments for fear of being seen as arrogant.

 We need to stop walking on eggshells trying to find the balance between confidence and likability.

Simply put, social media is a fantastic place to shout about your successes, share your customers’ stories and position yourself as a thought leader who has a range of knowledge, experience, and qualifications.

Sharing reviews, testimonials and video interviews with happy clients, will also help to build trust and reassure others you can help solve their problems too.

Showing behind the scenes glimpses, the journey that brought your business to life or your brand values will help to build a connection with your audience that goes beyond a business and customer relationship, and builds a loyal community of people who happily champion your small business.

So, don’t be afraid to show off and instead, embrace the opportunity to shout out loud about what makes you and your business the best!

The second ‘S’ is for Sell Often

Too many businesses, especially those that are women-owned, shy away from selling on social media, because it feels repetitive or sleazy and it can feel uncomfortable.

But the harsh reality is that if we’re not selling, we don’t have a business, we just have an expensive hobby! Ultimately as businesses, all the content we create should be leading towards making money and creating more sales.

Telling people what you sell and how to buy from you is so important, but selling on social media does not need to be about exchanging money.

It could be sharing a blog or free download, asking people to join your email list or Facebook group, or perhaps inviting people to DM you.

Ensuring you sell often on your social media isn’t just a marketing tactic; it’s a fundamental part of the success of your business, supporting your brand to stay front and centre of your followers’ minds.

There you have it, the ‘BOSS Framework’ – are you ready to put it into practice for your own socials?

If you’re shouting ‘YES’ at your computer screen right now, you might like to check out my ‘BOSS Your Socials Club’.

The membership I have created, that’s centred around the framework I laid out above.

Members receive a a monthly content plan and templates, plus accountability, an amazing community exclusively for women-owned businesses and access to a social media marketing expert (yup, that’s me!).

And the best bit?

It’s only £18 a month or £180 for a whole year!

You’ll not only get prompts with ideas of what and when to post, but I’ll give you all the tools to understand how to, and most importantly tell you why you are doing it – because you’re here to learn after all, not just to follow instructions blindly.

This is a team effort – so let’s get your socials BOSS’d – find out more and sign up here.

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