Coaching and Strategy Services

My Coaching and Strategy Services offer expert guidance and ‘how-to’ support, that will enable you to effectively manage your socials yourself, without the stress or overwhelm!

All packages are bespoke to your business and the specific goals you want to achieve.

“Becci is super knowledgeable, supportive, clear and most of all she gets that life isn’t all about social media – she actually helps you feel like you are using social to build your business rather than feeling like a slave to it. I would highly recommend her and I will use her again for sure!”

Angela Spencer
Virago Wellness Life Coaching

Power up your knowledge

EmPower Hours


An EmPower hour does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s an hour of time dedicated to solving your social media problems by answering your questions about a specific platform or feature.

During this time we will power up your knowledge of any area of social media that you’re struggling with, and empower you to take control of your own social media!

These meetings will focus on your specific needs and are perfect if you have a social media issue that needs solving, or if you have a series of questions that you want answered. 

  • Perhaps you’re struggling to create consistent content, or you want to grow your engagement on Instagram?
  • Maybe you don’t understand how hashtags work or can’t decide which platforms you should focus on?

Save yourself time

I have the answers!

Whatever it is I can help, and an EmPower Hour is the ideal solution if you’re strapped for time,

but need a solution to a problem that is holding you back.

How to use

Instagram for Business


I hate to break it to you, but understanding how to use social media and how to market your business on social media are two totally different things!

That’s why I created this package and designed it specifically to help you get to grips with one of the fastest changing social media platforms.

We’ll begin with a walk-through audit of your account to ensure that you are optimising all of the features available to you, and then over the course of three 1:1 hour sessions, I’ll teach you how to successfully use Instagram to market your business.

What we focus on in each session will depend on your specific needs and goals, but may include: 

  • how to build an engaged following
  • how to content plan and use hashtags effectively
  • how to make brilliant reels
  • how to create leads and convert them to sales

It’s simple when you know how

Ready to boss your Instagram presence?

Whatever it is you’re struggling with on Instagram, I can help you over the course of our time together.

You can book your first session right now, and then you’ll have 9 weeks to book the following two sessions with me!

Payment plans are available on request for these sessions – please feel free to get in touch if this would be beneficial for you.

Invest in a VIP Day

Get Your Socials Sorted

From £450


And because it’s a day entirely dedicated to you, we’ll work together to tailor it to your needs. Before we start we’ll be clear on your goals, and we’ll focus on making them happen. 

Available on-line and in-person, you’ll have my undivided attention and my brain will be working exclusively on your business, for the whole day!

Focus points could include:

  • support to set up your accounts from scratch
  • how to use Instagram for business
  • help to create a Social Media Strategy that works
  • support to launch and sell a new product or service on social media
  • anything else you’re struggling with in your social media marketing plan

Want to know more?

Let’s have a chat!

When you prioritise spending a whole day working ON your business, rather than IN it, you will get a clearer picture of where you need to focus your energy to see change and growth.

By combining this investment of your own time with my professional expertise in all things Social Media, trust me, we are gonna get your socials sorted and you will see quick, impactful change! You will gain knowledge and confidence to continue this growth long after the day we spend together, so if a fully dedicated day is what you need to kick your socials into overdrive then get in touch with me now!! 

Payment plans are available on request for these sessions – please feel free to get in touch if this would benefit you.

Want to know more?

Kind Words From My Clients

Want to know how my services can help you and your business? Hear from some of the amazing women who have invested in my expertise!

“I came to Becci because I was just feeling a little bit lost. I was so impressed with the whole process… it’s been so valuable, and helped me get over the overwhelm of trying to think about what I want to post and when I want to post it. So Becci, thank you very much, it was an amazing experience. You’re so knowledgeable, you are so generous with your time and generous with your knowledge. And I’m looking forward to getting a lot more traction with my Instagram!”

Sara Jones
The Online Retail Academy

“When I started my business, the one thing that I was most afraid about was social media. After dragging my feet for over a year, I met Becci, both in the group setting and individually, and things have changed dramatically. Becci helps you to understand things in a way that’s really clear, and she really sees you authentically and pushes you in a way that is both motivating and really not as scary. I am so honoured to have met her and I am so excited to continue my journey with her because now I can’t really picture my business without having someone with that much knowledge and who actually truly sees me!”

Nicole Acquila
Thrive Differently

And here’s what a few more of
my clients had to say about working with me…

Whatever you need

I’d love to help you!

You can book an EmPower Hour or an Instagram for Business Package right now, or you can find out more about my Get Your Socials Sorted VIP Day, by tapping the relevant button below!