Content Made Simple: Be Heard and Boss Your Socials Without the Overwhelm

Are you struggling with your social media and finding, like many small business owners, that managing your socials is no easy feat? Are you confused by all the conflicting advice from ‘experts’ out there? If you are, then believe me you are not alone! Over the past year I have heard from so many different […]

How to write better social media captions

Do you find writing captions for your social media posts tricky? Do you know what you want to say, but get in a muddle when you start to write? Or maybe you don’t even get that far and end up staring at a blank screen. Then this blog is for you! Because today I’m going […]

How to Take a Break From Your Social Media This Summer

Summer is almost here, the sun is out (hopefully!) and if like me, you have school aged kids, that means the juggle of the 6 week holidays is fast approaching! Even if they’re not, at some point over the next few months you’re going to want to take a break from your socials and enjoy […]

How to Spring Clean your Socials

The nights are getting lighter (hurray!) and spring is in the air. And if that’s making you want to throw open the windows and have a good clean out, can I suggest you start with your social media accounts. Like a neglected skirting board, your social media accounts can start to feel a little tired […]

Why you need a social media strategy and how to write one

Have you ever heard people talking about social media strategies and thought they were just for big companies? Well actually, that’s not the case. A social media strategy can help businesses of all sizes to be more purposeful about their social content and achieve their social goals. Think of it like this. If you’d just […]

What does social media engagement really mean – and how to do it

You’ll have heard the term engagement bandied around a lot in the world of social media, but have you ever stopped to think what it really means and why you should do it? To most people, social media engagement means just two things – likes and comments. That’s because those are the outward signs that […]

Get confident on your socials in 60 minutes

You want to grow your business on social media, but can’t keep up with all the platform changes. You know there’s a quicker way of doing things – but spending hours on Google looking for answers is just a waste of time. Sound familiar? I speak to so many busy business owners just like you, […]

Try this mindset shift for Instagram success

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by Instagram? Stuck worrying about what to post next and how to keep the momentum going? Trust me, you’re not alone. But by following this one simple mindset shift, you’ll change how you think about Instagram and fall in love with your grid all over again! Ready for the magic? […]

Why it pays to be consistent on your socials

We’ve all seen the posts and reels that enthusiastically tell us ‘consistency is key’ when it comes to managing our socials. But have you ever wondered what that actually means? If you’re nodding your head then read on – because I’m about to dig a little deeper into the why and the where – and […]

10 reasons you need to show up on social media

Are you still trying to decide whether to set up social media accounts for your business? Maybe you’re thinking that with so many businesses already out there, there’s not really much point. Or perhaps you already have social accounts set up but are struggling to run them and can’t see the benefit of carrying on. […]