40 before 40

When I was 28, in a moment of freaking out that I was going to turn 30 soon, being in love with a boy who never wanted to get married again or have more kids, and fearing he would never, ever change his mind; I had what can best be described as an existential crisis! […]


Every year I set myself a reel of New Years resolutions, that by and large, I don’t stick to past the end of January/beginning of March, if I’m doing really well. But at the start of 2019, I wasn’t feeling it. I was just beginning to come out of the real darkness that the previous […]

Living with (someone else’s) depression

Around December 2017, I became concerned that my husband wasn’t ok. He was moody and he was distant. He was often miserable and snappy and it was exhausting. I spoke to him about it a few times, and he eventually opened up that he wasn’t feeling ok, but he didn’t understand why. We’d had a […]

Where It All Began – Clocking Off

I’ve left my job, and I don’t have another one to go to. As of today, I’m officially unemployed. Wow. Just writing that down makes it seem so real. And so bloody terrifying. It’s been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. I loved my job; I’ve worked hard over the last […]