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“It can be lonely running a business on your own, so the Boss Your Socials Club is like having a ‘crew’ and this is SO important!”

“If you have ever struggled to have a consistent presence on social media to support your small business, then the Boss Your Socials Club is for you.

Becci gives us a fully supportive plan for each month, so that we have loads of ideas for posting. She also gives us a really good example of each post so that we can check that we have the right elements, and if we’re not sure we can pick her brain for bespoke ideas for our business.

It can be lonely running a business on your own, so the Boss Your Socials Club is like having a ‘crew’ and this is SO important. I love the sessions when we all get our stuff done together and the time is set aside to prepare the next batch of posts.

Kath Davies
EYFS Practitioner

Join the Boss Your Socials Club today!

Join the club today!

What's stopping you?

I’m guessing you’re here because you understand the importance of showing up on your socials, but for some reason, that’s just not happening.

  • No time?
  • No creativity?
  • No clue where to start?
  • Maybe you’d love to outsource your social media all together, but right now that’s not within your budget?
  • And then you’ve got every social media expert and their dog, harping in your ear about being consistent and you’d be a fool not to utilise the free marketing available through social media?

You and I both know that NO MARKETING IS FREE!!

At the very least it costs time, effort, and energy – three precious things that you need to channel effectively when running your own business.

"It's transformed my experience of marketing my business on social media!"

“Becci’s Boss Your Socials Club is the answer to my prayers! It’s fun, supportive, and incredibly helpful. Before joining I would often go blank and couldn’t think of what to post – and even when I came up with ideas, it seemed so overwhelming.

To anyone considering joining, I’d say just do it! There’s so much support, expert knowledge and help, and I can rock my socials in no time now – honestly it’s transformed my experience of marketing my business on social media, making it clear and enjoyable. No more overwhelming blank moments!

Tracy Fance
Psychic Health Coach

What does BOSS actually mean?

This is one of my very favourite words, it’s part of the vernacular here in Liverpool and I love to use it to describe something as being brilliant, fantastic, awesome, THE BEST!

More than this though, it is also an acronym! Clever right?

The initials each stand for a pillar of the system I apply to all the social media I create. When you become a member of the Boss Your Socials Club you will get access to the FREE workshop I gave recently, where I explain it al

Are you experiencing Social Media fatigue?

Whether you struggle to come up with ideas for what to post, need some strategic direction to your content or just want a healthy dose of accountability and someone to cheer you on, there is something inside for you!

  • Do you keep trying with socials but get disheartened with the lack of engagement?
  • Have you lost momentum with regular posting?
  • Have you run out of ideas or are you convinced you’re just shouting into the ether?

The Boss Your Socials Club is here to bring you inspiration, accountability, confidence, and community.

You’ll get strategic direction from a social media expert, so you know you’re posting the right thing, to reach the right people, at the right time.

It’s a little like having a teeny tiny social media marketing expert in your pocket, giving you the knowledge and the assurance when it comes to posting great, engaging content on your social media platforms.

I won’t just be telling what and when to post, but I’ll be explaining how and why too. Taking the overwhelm out of social media and enabling you to grow an engaged audience!

Re-energise your socials

Join the club!

“Becci’s content ideas are beautifully simple, easy to implement and so easy to make your own… to show case your business and also you and your personality”

Energy Work & Meditations

Hi, I'm Becci...

…and I know exactly how you are feeling right now.

Running a small business alone, it’s a lot!

You are the CFO and the accounts department. You’re the head of marketing and the whole client outreach department. You are the photographer, the copywriter, the merchandiser, the designer and the office cleaner!

It’s all on you!!

You have to wear every single one of those business hats. There are no excuses, this is real life and if you want to make your business a success then you’ve got to master them all!

But when you’re spinning so many plates, tyring to make a real success of your pride and joy, how can you know if you’re getting all of them right?

What we need as solo-preneurs is an easy-to-read manual. A go-to encyclopaedia that tells us exactly how to get from A to B. With simple steps to follow like ‘Now do this’ 😂

Well… lucky, lucky you… because here I am to give you that exact thing for your social media!

I’ve done the training, got years of experience, loads of happy clients and now I’m doing the hard work for you in your social media, so you can simply ‘follow the prompts’ and…



Just like you, I live and breathe my small business, so I truly understand all the work and emotion involved in making it a success. I know how many balls need to be juggled to ensure it runs smoothly, and I get how overwhelming it can all be sometimes.

I have worked hard to overcome the mindset issues and imposter syndrome that can hold you back and the guilt that runs hand-in-hand with running a small business and raising a family at the same time.

That’s why I love supporting women owned businesses like yours to be more visible and confident on social media, in a natural and non-sleazy way, so that you can grow your business and achieve your dreams, whilst sustaining a good work-life balance and looking after your mental health.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your socials ‘boss’d’ together!

Love, Becci x

"It’s made a huge impact so far!!"

“I am so glad I joined – it’s amazing and has made a huge impact so far! The Club is organised, professional, and engaging and for a minimal time and financial investment you get a month’s worth of content from a social media expert, with excellent support and systems in place.

If you want to take the overwhelm out of your social media and be consistent with your content, then I highly recommend signing up!”

Danielle Barker
Eco Friendly Party Bags and Craft Kits

Join now, from just £15* a month

*when you sign up for an annual saver

It’s a bargain! So, what exactly is included?

  • A Monthly Content Strategy – a plan of at least 12 posts that cover all of the strands of the BOSS framework; with prompts for how to use them, call to action advice, image ideas and inspiration, all created by an expert (that’s me!) Ensuring you show up right on social media, with strategy and intention, and helping you grow an engaged audience.
  • Asana and Canva templates – laying out the steps of the process and giving you a place to plan your posts. Enabling you to get truly organised from the very start, plus I’ve created full and comprehensive ‘how-to’ videos showing you exactly how to use the systems we will put in place!
  • Monthly Pick My Brain Hour – where I’m available to answer your questions about the current month’s content plan and how best you can use it. Basically, you can come and, well, pick my brain! If you’re not sure how to translate one of the prompts into a post for your business then let’s chat, I’ll give you bespoke ideas for YOUR business.
  • Two ‘Accountability and Action Sessions’ every month. Giving you the dedicated time to concentrate wholly on creating your content for the month, ensuring it’s not only done but scheduled in advance too.
  • Quarterly Facebook Live Q&A sessions Answering your questions on all things social media!
  • The exclusive ‘Boss Your Socials’ Facebook community Where an epic group of amazing, like-minded, women-owned businesses support each other and cheer each other on. Plus you’ll find regular tips for actions that you can take to improve your socials.

"In all my years in marketing I’ve never before seen a system like Becci’s, it’s truly brilliant!!"

I am so glad I joined, it is packed with great content ideas, wrapped up in a simple yet brilliant process, with Becci’s coaching and accountability as the cherry on top.

The monthly sessions help me focus on one task, resulting in a month’s worth of content prepped and scheduled. This leaves me free to engage with my audience, leading to a calmer me, consistent content, and a growing, engaged audience!

I can’t say enough good words – in all my years in marketing I’ve never before seen a system like Becci’s, it’s truly brilliant!! It will simplify your work life, you’ll learn valuable social media secrets, and be part of a friendly and supportive community. It’s a win-win-win!

Lucy DAVIES, Health Coach

How are we going to boss your socials?

Systems are the key to any successful operation, getting your socials organised is no exception. Here’s exactly how the unique Boss your Socials system is going to bring clarity and order to your monthly organisation.

On the first Friday of the month you’ll receive, by email, a .csv file which you will import directly to a pre-prepared space in Asana.

DON’T PANIC! Full ‘how-to’ videos are waiting for you in the membership, so you’ll be confident with how to do this.

This .csv will convert to a ‘list’ within your Monthly Content Hub in Asana. It will hold 12 social media prompts, each contained on a separate ‘card’.

Alongside the prompt, you’ll find details on the content theme and aim of the post. There’s detailed guidance on what this post should communicate and how you can present it, plus a suggested publish date AND ideas for the accompanying graphic.

Don’t use Asana? Don’t worry!

You will receive all the same information in an excel file for you to use with the system of your choice.

There is no catch!

The low price is because I really wanted to make this membership affordable, and at a number that wouldn’t keep you up at night worrying if you’d made the right decision.

If you’re wondering why it’s so cheap, I can assure you it has nothing to do with the quality – I am brilliant at what I do, even if I do say so myself (I also have a tonne of kind words about me that would tell you the same thing!).

I know I could sell this membership at a higher price point, but I want to help more small businesses, owned by women, to finally prioritise their socials.

Two of my core values are kindness and making a difference, which is also why I pledge that a percentage of the membership fees will be donated to the charities that I’m supporting this year – including The ADHD Foundation, The Alzheimer’s Society, Woodlands Hospice and The Brain Charity.

Join now

Choose from £24 per month or £240 per year

If you never have time to prioritise your socials, then consider this…

  • You could stop coming out in a cold sweat every time someone tells you that “consistency is key”
  • It is totally possible to prioritise your content, without the overwhelm
  • Running your own business doesn’t have to be lonely

Sound good?

Then look no further...

I’m going to let you into a little secret... social media doesn't have to be overwhelming!

You can say goodbye to chaos and hello to clarity when you become a member of the Boss Your Socials Club!

You’ll not only get prompts with ideas of what and when to post, but I’ll give you all the tools to understand how to, and most importantly tell you why you are doing it!

Because you’re here to learn after all, not just to follow instructions blindly!

This is a team effort – so let’s get your socials BOSS’d!

Still got questions?

I love an inquisitive mind! Send me your queries direct to


Take a quick look over these FAQ’s in case I’ve covered your query there!

At least 12 post prompts, with aim, focus and description of each, to create and schedule a months’ worth of social media content.

3 Tutorial videos to explain how to get started with the systems.

2 live online question sessions, one focussed on the content plan and one on social media queries in general.

2 Action and Accountability sessions where we come together online to ‘co-work’ and get our content created.

Access to 1 absolutely amazing Facebook group.

This changes each month dependent on other commitments but I do block book around 3 months in advance, so you have plenty of time to get it in your calendar.

Absolutely! A few of our members prefer to use different systems for their daily organisation. Whilst I provide a .csv file which can be downloaded direct into Asana, I also provide an excel file for you to upload/use as best fits your chosen system, ensuring all members get the same service.

No, this is a team effort. I will guide you through each month, but you’ll be responsible for creation of content.

Basically our Action and Accountability sessions are online co-working sessions. Why do we do this? Well, there’s a proven science behind the effectiveness of these sessions. Knowing that others are present and aware of your work create the sense of ‘ACCOUNTABILITY’. This can motivate you into ‘ACTION’ and to stay on task and so, be more productive. Plus, it’s dedicated time in your calendar for you to focus on creating your content, keeping you on top of your tasks! Magic!

You’ll fit in just fine round here! Whilst I won’t be providing general social media training, you can ask any question at all regarding social media platforms and how to use them within the group, you’ll find that other members are super helpful, but if they can’t answer then I will address the question that month in the Facebook live session. The ‘Boss your Socials’ club is a great place to hone your social media skills whatever your level – and if you do need extra help, you get a whopping 60% off the cost of my EmPower Hours, where I can help you 1:1!

No. I will provide you with prompts for at least 12 posts per month, and then provide guidance on how to make those prompts work for you and your business. It’s up to you to actually create the content and get it scheduled to go out.

Then don’t worry my friend, come along to the ‘Pick My Brain’ session and we will iron out any confusion.

It is absolutely for both, and we already have a real mix of brilliant businesses in the membership. From an eco-friendly party favour business to a copywriter to a health coach! Whatever your business, you’ll find great value here in the Boss Your Socials Club!

No, but if you are unsure about the content you have planned then bring your queries to the ‘Pick My Brain’ session, where we can take a look and make sure you are creating relevant content. If you still need more 1:1 help, you can book an EmPower Hour with me and take advantage of the member only discount for 60% off!

Absolutely not – you can still post on the fly as and when you want to. The content strategy will just allow you to know that you have at least 3 posts going out a week, so you can always rest assured that you’re being consistent. The beauty of this is that it takes off the pressure to post something ‘just because you haven’t posted in a while’, and means that if you don’t want to, you don’t have to think about creating that month’s social media at all!

Yes, whilst the prompts I provide are the same for everyone in the membership, I will be tailoring the guidance I provide to you and your business where I can. You can also come to a Pick My Brain session with a question either about the content plan or the content you want to create in general,

Come and join the

Boss Your Socials Club!

Don’t lose hours of your life trying to create consistent content that builds an engaged following!

I can share my social media marketing expertise with you and help you to do it yourself, so that you can move forward with confidence.