Get Confident On Your Socials in 60 Minutes

Get Confident On Your Socials in 60 Minutes

Get Confident On Your Socials in 60 Minutes

You want to grow your business on social media, but can’t keep up with all the platform changes.

You know there’s a quicker way of doing things – but spending hours on Google looking for answers is just a waste of time.

Sound familiar?

I speak to so many busy business owners just like you, who recognise the power of social media but need a helping hand to get the best out of it.

But I have good news for you – it’s my job to keep up with the constant updates and hunt down the hacks so that you don’t have to!

That means instead of losing hours of your life to trying to keep up, I can share them with you during a dedicated EmPower hour where I’ll answer your questions, unpick your problems and show you how to drive your business forward.

In this blog, I explain what an EmPower hour is, what to expect and whether it’s right for you. Let’s get started…

What is an EmPower hour?

An EmPower hour is pretty much what it says on the tin, it’s an hour of time dedicated to solving your social media problems or answering your questions about a specific platform or feature – during this time we will power up your knowledge of any area of social media that you’re struggling with, and empower you to sort your own socials!

These meetings will focus on your specific needs and are perfect if you have a social media issue that needs solving, or if you have a series of questions that you want answering. Perhaps you’re struggling to come up with post ideas for Facebook, or you want to grow your engagement on Instagram. Maybe you don’t understand how hashtags work or can’t decide which platforms you should focus on.

An EmPower hour with a social media marketing expert like me will give you all the answers you’re looking for, so that you can move forward with confidence. They are the ideal solution if you’re strapped for time, but need a solution to a problem that is holding you back.


How should I prepare for an EmPower hour?

You don’t need to prepare a thing! Music to your ears, right? Before your EmPower hour takes place, I’ll ask you to let me know what you’re struggling with and what you’d like to achieve during our time together.

This is important, because it means I come armed with all the information you need and you know you’ll go away having achieved your goal.


How does it work?

We’ll have a quick 15-minute chat before the EmPower hour so that I can better understand your problem and get a clear picture of what you’d like to accomplish.

After the call, I’ll send you a link to my booking system so you can choose a time that’s best for you, and whether you’d like your session in person or via Zoom.

Once booked, if you have chosen a Zoom meeting, you’ll receive a Zoom link for the session. During the call I’ll share my screen and we’ll look at your platforms. I’ll answer your questions and share my professional insights to make your life on social easier. A recording of the session can also be produced upon request.

If we’re meeting in person, I’ll be in contact to arrange a suitable place to meet, and all you need to do is turn up on the right day and at the right time!


How do I know it’s right for me?

You can book a free 15-minute discovery call before the EmPower hour takes place. This will give you all the confidence you need to proceed.


Can’t I find the same information elsewhere for free?

Possibly, yes. But I imagine you’ve already spent a lot of time googling your questions only to end up more confused than before.

There’s a lot of great free social advice available online. The trick is knowing which to follow and which to ignore. The platforms change so quickly these days that what worked six months ago might not work now.

The big question is, do you have hours to spare to sift through endless blogs and YouTube videos?

When you book a session with a social media professional, you can get the answers to your specific questions quickly and easily. You can also ask follow-up questions. You can’t do that with an internet article!

An EmPower hour will save you an enormous amount of time and, as we know, time is money.


What if I need more than an hour?

Depending on your business goals you might need more than one hour. If you need help to create and implement a social strategy for example, rather than say, a lesson on how to use Instagram.

If that’s the case you can save yourself money by booking a block of three 1:1 sessions. Each session is 60 minutes of dedicated 1:1 time, giving you 180 minutes of focussed social media support, on whatever it is you need help with.


How much does it cost?

I charge £99 for an EmPower hour and a block of three hours costs £249. Please note all three hours must be used within 9 weeks of booking.

My fee is in line with industry standards, but if you shop around you might find a power hour which is cheaper, or more expensive.

Can other people join the call?

Yes of course. I charge £149 for two people and £175 for three people. Please note that three is the maximum number of people who can join an EmPower hour, but I do also offer group training if you have more people who are wanting to learn.

It all sounds great, but can 60 minutes really make an impact?

A few weeks ago Suzanne from Debutots Sefton booked a block of EmPower Hours with me, to talk through how to build a following on socials, how to approach content planning, and how to create leads and convert them to sales.

Just one EmPower Hour and three weeks later Suzanne has taken her followers from 29 to 174, is starting to fill classes, and is reaching and engaging with so many more accounts with her content!

And it makes me do an actual happy dance to see how much more confident she is in her ability to smash her socials – I can’t wait to see how much more she progresses over the next few weeks and her next two sessions!



So, are you ready to book your EmPower hour and put those annoying social media problems behind you? You can book a discovery call by clicking here, message me over on my Instagram by clicking here or you can email me at

Try this mindset shift for Instagram success

Try this mindset shift for Instagram success

Try this mindset shift for Instagram success

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by Instagram? Stuck worrying about what to post next and how to keep the momentum going?

Trust me, you’re not alone.

But by following this one simple mindset shift, you’ll change how you think about Instagram and fall in love with your grid all over again!


Ready for the magic?

Imagine, for a moment, you own a high-street boutique clothes shop. How would you treat your customers?

Well, I’m sure that first you would welcome them when they walked through your door. You’d smile and say hi, or you might ask them if they needed any help. Either way, your goal would be to create a welcoming environment they feel comfortable in.

And what about your regulars? You’d have a chat, right? You’d ask them how they are and what they’ve been up to. And over time you’d get to know them and what makes them tick – you’d grow to understand what they do and don’t like, so that you could show them new stock or share a special offer with them.

Well, Instagram is really no different!


Whether you’re selling products or services, your goal is to get to know your followers and build their trust and respect so that they feel confident enough to buy from you.

Let’s see how that would look on Insta and what you can do to create that experience…

Welcome new visitors

When someone new takes the time to follow you or comment on a post, reward them for that action. Reply to their comment or head to their profile and like and comment on their most recent post. Send them a DM introducing yourself and thanking them for choosing to follow you. You don’t have to rush in with a follow back to make them feel welcome.

Focus on the followers you have

Instead of worrying about the followers you haven’t got, focus on giving a more personal experience to the ones you have.

For your followers, this will feel like the difference between an attentive assistant in a chilled-out boutique and battling for attention in a packed Primark. They’ll feel special.

Find out about them

Chat to your followers in the same way you would if they walked into a physical shop. Use your posts to ask questions and find out who they are and what they like.

Ask for their feedback on new services, designs or products. Make them feel valued and part of your brand.

Let them browse

Followers won’t know what you sell if you don’t tell them, so don’t shy away from this. In amongst all the helpful tips and tricks posts, you need to actually promote your products and services. And you’ll need to do it way more than you feel comfortable with!

On Instagram there are SO many ways to do this; there’s your grid of course, but also stories, reels, guides and lives. And if you sell physical products, make sure you set up an Instagram shop.

Ask what they need

Not sure what to post? Don’t be afraid to ask your followers what they’d like to see more of.

You can also get a steer on this by looking at your insights to see which kind of content is working best. Let me know if you’d like help with this!

Recommend other businesses

Let’s head back to your imaginary shop (or your real one if that’s what your on Instagram for!). Imagine someone comes in and asks for something you don’t sell. What would you do? You’d suggest another shop they could try.

Why not do the same on Instagram? Supporting other like-minded businesses is a great way to build trust and a community, and – with any luck – someone might recommend you to their followers too.

Offer advice

You know your followers better than anyone, so tailor your advice to them. Share tips and tricks that will help them out and make them feel good about themselves.

Think of that super stylish store assistant who holds up a dress you’d never normally consider and says ‘This would look good on you.’ And she’s right!

Offer samples

It’s unlikely (but not totally unheard of) that people will buy big ticket items or services from you straight off the bat. So why not give them a smaller ticket item, or freebie, so that they can test the water and grow to trust you?

This could be a free download, a blog, a webinar invite or a paid workshop.

Closed on Sundays

Now this one‘s a biggie! There’s no denying that managing your Insta account can be a time-consuming business so don’t be afraid to take time off. Setting boundaries – like taking Sundays (or whatever day suits you and your business) off – is important for keeping a healthy balance. Let your customers know that you won’t be around and when you’ll be back to answer any questions.


Still feeling stuck?


Let me help! Contact me over on my Instagram page, or at to arrange a power hour. I’ll answer all your questions and teach you how to get the best out of the app without it taking over your life!

Why it pays to be consistent on your socials

Why it pays to be consistent on your socials

Why it pays to be consistent on your socials

We’ve all seen the posts and reels that enthusiastically tell us ‘consistency is key’ when it comes to managing our socials. But have you ever wondered what that actually means?


If you’re nodding your head then read on – because I’m about to dig a little deeper into the why and the where – and also give you actions to take on your own socials so that you can ensure you’re being consistent!


What do we mean by consistency?


Well, put simply for a busy business owner like you, consistency means showing up in a way that makes it easy for followers to find and engage with you.


Why is consistency on social media important?


There are lots of reasons why it’s important for you to maintain a consistent presence on social media. Below I have outlined what I see as the main ones:


✔️ It helps followers recognise content from your brand

✔️ It helps people understand your key messages and values

✔️ It ensures a level of professional quality across all content


Where do you need to be consistent, and how do you do it?


Bios, banners and profile pics

Over time the information on our different social media platforms can get out of sync.


Perhaps you set up a Facebook page years ago but your new focus is on Instagram; does that mean your Facebook banner is now out of date? Maybe you’ve never got round to changing that old profile picture on LinkedIn?


As you don’t know where a new prospective customer might find you on social, it’s important to have a cohesive brand image across all channels – even if you’re not using them.


It helps people to recognise your brand wherever they find you.


Action: Check your social platforms. Ensure your profile pics, banners and business information is the same. If you’re not active on an account, update it to let people know where they can find you. If you’re no longer using a platform because it’s not relevant to your business goals or dream customer, then don’t be afraid to deactivate it.



When it comes to posting on social media, being consistent is good for you and your followers.


Firstly, when you decide which platforms you’ll post on – and how often you’ll post – you can factor in the work that needs to be done.


It means you can plan ahead (more on that later) and be purposeful about your content.


It also means your followers know what to expect from you. If they know you post daily, for example, and haven’t seen anything in their feed for a few days they may head to your profile to see what they’ve missed. I know I do this with accounts I love.


You can speed up the actual posting process by using an automated scheduler. I use Planoly, because I like the grid layout that it provides, it lets you auto post the first comment to Instagram – which I use for hashtags, and you can also edit text on the same post, to be auto scheduled for Facebook and Instagram. But I’m also in the process of looking at others, as my business is growing to the next level.


What scheduler you’ll choose will depend on your own personal preference and business needs, and there are so many others that you could try – and most will either have a free version or trial – so you can decide what suits you best.


Action: Choose your core platforms and decide how many times a week you’ll post. Remember you don’t have to be on every platform and you definitely don’t have to post every day. Do what’s achievable and manageable.


Brand image

When your branding is all over the shop it’s hard for followers to spot your posts in their busy feeds.


Make it easy for them by establishing a clear look and feel to your imagery. You can do this by creating templates in Canva, or using an app such as Wordswag.


If this isn’t something you’re confident about let me know and I can help.


Action: Head to Canva and create a set of branded templates. I now have a pro account and for me, it’s worth it’s weight in gold – but if you’re just starting out, or you don’t need to use it that regularly, the free version also served me well up until very recently, so don’t feel you need to pay.



When you’re consistent with your planning you remove the headaches of posting on the fly.


Planning helps you to figure out the types of content you plan to post, the topics you want to post about and of course, when to post it.


For the businesses whose socials I manage, I set aside 2-3 hours a week for each of them, to plan their content for the following week. However, for my own business, I aim to set a day aside a month to plan my content for a whole month.


What you do will depend on what works for you, and as you get faster you can spend less time on it. Either way, putting that time in the diary to ensure consistency is essential.


In terms of how, there are lots of ways you can plan your content. You can do it in a Trello board, use a spreadsheet or – if you prefer good old pen and paper – you can jot ideas in a notebook or on Post-it notes then stick them to a monthly wall planner. As a big fan of stationery, and to ensure I’m not always staring at a screen, I often just keep it simple with a nice pen and notebook!


When you’re juggling a million things, a day a month or even a couple of hours a week can still feel monumental – so if you just don’t have enough time, or you just don’t know where to start, don’t forget I’m here to help! I have services that support you in knowing what to post, so you can easily do it yourself – or ones that let you hand it over for me to plan, schedule and post for you!


Action: Block out time in your diary to plan next month’s content. Do it now. No, not in a minute. Now!



When it comes to consistency, this is one area you can’t afford to scrimp on. Consistently responding to comments and DMs is super important, as is taking time to engage with other accounts.


This simple, albeit time-consuming, habit is the best way to improve your reach and help you to build new and lasting connections.


Action: Set aside at least 15 mins a day to engage on your accounts – even on days you don’t post yourself.


So, who’s ready to get consistent on social? Here’s how I can help…

  • Book a power hour, and we can plan out your content and how to be consistent together!

  • Book an audit, and I can cast a fresh eye over your platforms and show you where you can make them more consistent.

  • Get help with a strategy, and make sure you’re always posting with purpose!

  • Invest in full social media management. Hand it all over to me and I’ll take care of the lot.

Find out more about how I can help you, by checking out the services that I offer.

10 reasons businesses need to show up on social media

10 reasons businesses need to show up on social media

10 reasons businesses need to show up on social media

Are you still trying to decide whether to set up social media accounts for your business?

Maybe you’re thinking that with so many businesses already out there, there’s not really much point.

Or perhaps you already have social accounts set up but are struggling to run them and can’t see the benefit of carrying on.

The truth is, social media isn’t a quick fix. It takes time (lots of time) and a clear strategy to get it right. But once you do, the potential for growth is limitless.

Before we get stuck in, let me reassure you. You don’t need to be on all the platforms and you don’t need to have thousands of followers – you just need the right ones.

In this blog, I’m going to share with you 10 reasons social media is important for your business.

If, by the end, you’d like help getting started – or ramping up – your social, let me know.


Social adds credibility

These days, consumers expect businesses to have a social media presence. In fact, if you don’t have one it can raise serious red flags in a potential customer’s mind.

The thing they’re most likely to question – if they can’t see you on social – is whether your business is still operating.

Active social media accounts send out a positive message about your business. They show that you’re operating, that you’re in touch with your customers and that you have lots to shout about.


Increases brand awareness

If customers can’t find you on social media they can’t connect with you or buy from you. 

When approached strategically, social offers endless opportunities to grow your reach and connect with new audiences.

Having an active social presence builds brand awareness and keeps you at the forefront of your customers’ – and potential customers’ – minds.


Builds know, like and trust 

Whether you’re active on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, your social platforms are a chance for customers to get to know you and understand your brand values.

Here are some ideas:

Posting pictures of you and your team builds familiarity = Know.

Creating content that solves your followers’ problems = Like

Being honest and consistent with your messaging = Trust 

In short, the more regularly you show up online and help followers to overcome their problems, the more you’ll earn their trust and loyalty.


Increases leads and sales

Did you know that 60% of Instagram users discover new products while hanging out on the app?

If that’s not a reason to get involved I don’t know what is.

But that’s not all, the ever-changing social landscape means new audiences and opportunities are opening up all the time.

According to the Hootsuite Social Trends report, 70% of internet users aged between 55-64 (a group traditionally targeted by TV advertising) bought something online during October 2020. Of those 37% said they planned to continue doing so more frequently.

Drives traffic to your website

Social media offers lots of great ways to drive traffic to your website including:

✔️  Clickable links in your bio

✔️  Post links to blogs and product pages

✔️  Paid advertising


Your competitors are there

If you’re sick of seeing your competitors crushing it on social then it’s time to get serious.

Your social platforms are the perfect place to show off your business’s personality and let people see what sets you apart from all the others.

Don’t give your competitors the upper hand because you don’t know where to start. 


Builds community 

One of the most exciting things about social media is that it allows you to build a community of like-minded people, anywhere in the world.

When you put out clear and consistent messaging about your brand you’ll attract new customers who will be happy to share your story.

Those same followers can provide you with invaluable insights in the products and services you provide so that you can give them – and others like them – more of what they want.


Positions you as a thought leader

Through clever, well-planned content, social media allows you to establish yourself as a leader in your field. Here are some ideas to help you do that:

✔️  How-to videos

✔️  Facebook and Instagram Lives 

✔️  Tips, tricks and hack posts

✔️  Behind the scenes photos and videos

✔️  Share your opinions on industry news

✔️  Engage with other industry figures 

✔️  Offer help and advice in groups (without selling your products or services)


Access to social ads

If you want to advertise on social media then you need a strong organic social media presence too.

Social advertising offers incredible targeting opportunities to businesses like yours. But, having active and engaged accounts, is crucial to their success.

Paid social isn’t a stand-alone marketing option. In order to make it a success, you need to have all your ducks in a row.


Share your success stories

Social media is a fantastic place to shout about your successes and share your customers’ stories.

Sharing reviews, testimonials and video interviews with happy clients helps to reassure others you can help solve their problems too. 

If you’d like help setting up and running your channels or you’d just like support around what to post and how to create a strategy I can help. You can have a look at all of the services I offer, and if you’d like to book a free consultation call you can do so here!

40 before 40

40 before 40

40 before 40

When I was 28, in a moment of freaking out that I was going to turn 30 soon, being in love with a boy who never wanted to get married again or have more kids, and fearing he would never, ever change his mind; I had what can best be described as an existential crisis!

So I did what any rational thinking person would do, and I decided to put together a list of 30 things I wanted to do; by the time I turned 30. I guess in some kind of attempt to make me feel less like I was failing at life!

I achieved around half of them, which wasn’t bad considering two of them had been to buy a house, and have a baby… and by achieving both of those (apparently his mind could be changed – and in case you’re wondering, he went on to propose just before I turned 31!); I kind of wiped out the other half!

I’m now 36 and apparently am having the same life crisis about the fact I’m almost 40 (but with significantly less existential dread)! I’m happy with my life right now, but I liked the idea of doing it again, and so I’ve spent the last year or so thinking about a 40 before 40 list. I’ve taken much more time on this, than my last list, because I really wanted it to be not only right, but achievable too.

It’s now complete, and actually in the last year I’ve achieved a couple of them already. When I mentioned recently that I was doing it on my social media, I had quite a lot of people ask me to share it when I was done, so here it is!

I’ve split it into sections that are important to me, and each section has a number of things within it that I’d like to tick off.



✳️ Go to Thailiand and/or Disney, Florida

❤️ Explore Scotland

❤️ Explore Wales

❤️ Create a travel bucket list



❤️ Speak Spanish to a good standard

❤️ Write more

✅ Be able to bake the kids a birthday cake

❤️ Be able to do an unassisted pull up

❤️ Learn sign language

❤️ Learn how to curly blow my hair

❤️ Learn how to apply make up properly

❤️ Learn to sew

❤️ Do an escape room

❤️ Learn about the World Wars

❤️ Diversify my education

✅ Open my own business



✳️ Finish redecorating our house

❤️ Dye my hair rose gold

✳️ Read more



❤️ Go to Glastonbury

❤️ Go to a family festival

✳️ Have a proper camping holiday

✅ Watch the sun set

❤️ Watch the sun rise

❤️ Climb a mountain

❤️ Fly 1st class

❤️ Ride in a hot air balloon

❤️ Meet Jurgen Klopp

❤️ Watch Liverpool play abroad

❤️ Experience sound bowls

❤️ Try Reiki



✅ Give blood regularly

✳️ Learn to meditate and do it regularly

✳️ Stick to a skin care regime

❤️ Pay more and regularly into my pension

❤️ Have an exercise routine and stick to it

❤️ Lose weight and maintain it

❤️ Sleep more

❤️ Stress less

❤️ Give all the damns, but zero f**ks


I have just over 42 months until I turn 40, so I need to be looking at ticking off at least one a month; and I’m going to try and use my social media to hold myself accountable to it. The campaign planner in me, has already thought about how I’ll make the ones that are more abstract, tangible, and I’ll elaborate on those as time goes on.


So, where to start? Well, the last two years instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve set myself a word of focus, that represented an area of my life that I wanted to improve. In 2019, my word was happiness, and in 2020, my word became health. I feel like I’ve largely failed on that so far to be honest, because, well, you know, 2020. In truth, I feel spectacularly unhealthy right now, and it’s making me feel increasingly more miserable.

With that in mind, for the last 4 and a bit months of 2020, I’m going to focus on the health section of my list!


I’d love to know what you think of the list, is there any that you’d like to do before your next milestone birthday, or any others that you’d add?