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Thanks so much for checking out my website – if you’ve made your way over here, I assume it’s because you’re after some support with your social media – if you’re not, you might end up disappointed, but if you are, then you’re in exactly the right place!

Be Heard Socials offers social media management and consultancy to small businesses that are run by women and working parents of young families. My services will help you to navigate and simplify the sometimes overwhelming maze that social media can seem, and create content that your customers want to engage with.



How i have helped people

I was umming and ahhing about whether to get any help with my social media for my dance school. I use it a lot for personal stuff, so thought why should I pay for someone to tell me what I know?

Well I was wrong! Becci is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom on all things social! Having a power hour with her gave me the kick up the bum I massively needed, as well as lots of tips and tools to help. But most importantly it gave me the confidence I needed to do it!

Kerry Byrne, Owner @ En Pointe Dance

Becci is amazing!

She has been supporting my business with social media, for almost two years. Our social media presence has blossomed! Her attention to detail, knowledge and support has been invaluable.

She is an integral part of my team and I tell everyone how brilliant she is!

If you're a small business needing to up your social media game, Becci is your woman!

Elisa Congdon, Owner @ Baby Bear’s Den

"I really enjoyed working with Becci, and have definitely noticed an increase in interest for my business including new clients and sign ups. She seems to pre-empt many of my own ideas and really understands the nature of my business and my clients needs and wants. I would definitely recommend Becci for anyone looking to grow their business and wanting support with their social media."

Jessica Sawyer, Owner @ Conscious Calling

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